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Fourth Wall Event Update

It’s been a few days since the portals disappeared - a few days since you, the new people, arrived. Have you settled in? Found a place to sleep, as though you weren’t dreaming enough already? Gotten used to the little technicolor creature that seems to think you’re its best friend or possibly its parent? Yeah, it’s weird, but there’s no telling how long you’ll stick around. May as well get used to it.

And how are all you old hands holding up? Hopefully you didn’t leave anything you really wanted in another world. Seen anybody you miss? How about somebody you never wanted to see again? That was probably a ton of fun either way, wasn’t it.

How about that strange shadow flitting around in the sky? By this point, just about everyone has seen it at least once; unfortunately, nobody’s figured out what it is, nevermind caught up to it. Odd, huh.



So, is everybody having fun? :D

You’re still welcome to bring new characters in if you’d like - people are still tagging the initial post. Also, fourth wall characters are more than welcome to start their own network posts or logs and to tag around in them. There’s also an open investigation thread going on, for those of you who want to tag in.

Also! For those of you who’d like to keep your character in game after the fourth wall event is over, we’ve simplified the app for you! If you want to fill out an app for a character participating in the fourth wall, you don’t have to do samples for the app - just link a thread in which your character has at least five comments for us to look over. (Network thread for the network sample, log thread for the log sample.)

Questions? Comments? Let us know!