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Week 24

Week 24

“What I take from my nights, I add to my days.”
- Leon de Rotrou, “Vencelas,” translated

With the explosive defeat of Spellican, the portal at the fountain in the Second District shimmers back into view. Looks like the worlds are open again, though they’re not quite the same as you left them. You figure that out the first time you run into Nightmares - this world didn’t have lions before, did it?

There’s still one more Keyhole to find, but Ponyville’s usual residents should have a good idea of where to look.



Back into the swing of things? Why, yes!

The worlds are now all open again in much the same state as they were before the boss run. The main difference is that Twilight Town, the Mother of Invention, and Ponyville now each sport a new Nightmare. They’re bigger and tougher than the other Nightmares on the worlds, so watch out for those. Changes are listed on the Dream Eaters page.

As always, if your characters are missing tags, please let the mods know and we’ll take care of it.

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