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End Game, Part 1

It shouldn’t feel like anything’s different. After all, when you wake up this morning, everything looks the same.

But your Spirits are antsy and anxious, and somehow you can sense the same thing they do: that something is well and truly wrong around here. Something has changed in the realm of dreams, and that feeling in the pit of your stomach says it isn’t anything good.

Those of you with talking items may have more of a clue than anybody else, namely because the items have begun playing the same message when touched, over and over and over:


I'm sorry to bring you here like this, but I really need your help! You're here because I'm trying to find anyone; I just can't hold them off on my own. But with your help, I know I can manage it. Just find him, and fight!

They’re going to keep trying to stop you. Don’t give in!

Not only do you now have the full message, but you also recognize the voice: it’s Sora. Sora has been trying to reach you through these items the entire time. Never mind that Sora’s here with you and is just as clueless as everyone else - that’s definitely his voice coming from the items.

Those of you who decide to check the keyholes just in case will find something very interesting: namely, they’re not there anymore. The portals are still open; the worlds are still connected; it’s just that the keyholes are missing.

The worlds themselves seem to be reacting to the change as well. The lights on the Mother of Invention are dimmed; the nights in Ponyville are growing longer; the sun in Twilight Town has nearly dipped below the horizon entirely; and in Traverse Town, the stars have gone out.

As if that weren’t odd enough, it seems that people whom you’ve missed - people who have come and gone from the realm of dreams - are trickling back in.

Something is brewing. It’s up to you to fix it.

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