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Do I need to know Kingdom Hearts to play in Revenance?

You do not! It does help, but it’s not a necessity. If there’s a piece of information relevant to the game that you feel you’re missing, please let a mod know and we’ll include it in the info pages. If you want more information, there’s always the Kingdom Hearts Wiki.

Will there be Kingdom Hearts 3D spoilers in the game?
Not initially, unless another player apps a character from the end of 3D. We can’t give you any more information than that; that would be telling.

What kind of characters can I apply for?
You can apply for any officially produced canon character. Webcomics and webseries do count in this provided they have some form of cohesive plot. We do not allow characters from fan-produced spinoffs (for example, FullMetal Alchemist: Bluebird’s Illusion or My Little Pony: Friendship is Witchcraft). We will allow side characters or characters with very little canon; if you need to add headcanon in an app for these characters this is accepted, provided it is either backed up by canon or used to fill in gaps otherwise left by canon. In addition, please make it clear which parts are canon and which are headcanon. If you have questions about whether a character is appable, ask a mod.

Can I have an AU character?
You may not have a fanon or fandom AU. We do, however, accept canon AUs (for example, Kingdom Hearts Aerith and FFVII Aerith may both be apped). In the case of a Nobody and their human counterpart (Axel and Lea, or Isa and Saïx, for example), only one or the other will be allowed at a time. Clones will dealt with on a case by case basis.

Can I play an OC?
Not at this time. Canon characters only, please.

Are there any particular characters I can't app?
Yes: at the moment, Xehanort and young!Xehanort, because reasons.

How many characters can I play? How many characters from one canon?
You can play up to four characters and up to two from any one canon. The one exception to this is Kingdom Hearts characters; while you can still play two, you may only play one Keybearer.

Can I app a character who is dead in their canon?
Certainly! Evidently this is the dream that may come when they’ve shuffled off this mortal coil.

What if I want to play a character who isn’t human?
They stay not human. Ponies will remain ponies, orcs will still be orcs, etc.

What if I want to play a character who’s really big?
They’ll need to be sized down appropriately - after all, Optimus Prime is not going to fit in Traverse Town. If you app a large character, they’ll need to be sized down so they’re no taller than ten feet at the shoulder. If you need to size your character down, please note it in the app.

Can I app a character who was previously dropped or killed?
You may app a character who has previously been dropped; whether you choose to app them with their memories of their time in the realm of dreams intact or from a clean slate is up to you. You may not app a character who was killed in this game; death is permanent in this continuity.

What if I want to canon update/canon bump my character?
You may update to a later point in your character's canon. You would need to send the request and any changes to the character/their history/what they can do in for approval much as if it were an app. Once an update is approved, post on the OOC comm to inform other players that you will be canon updating, and note how long your character will be missing within the game. In-character: Your character disappears from the game world at least overnight and returns with new memories. If you prefer to have them missing for a few days so that people can miss them or wonder where they are, that's fine too. This will not be considered a hiatus. If you want to hiatus AND canon update you have to address these two points separately.

What’s the time flow in game?
One week in-character equals three weeks out of character.

What's Activity Check like?
Activity Check is held bi-monthly. Requirements are one log post or comment and one communicator post or comment per character. Basically, as long as you have some sort of activity in both comms, you're good.

I still have questions. What do I do?
Further questions can be sent either to the mod email, or to the mods' AIM accounts, both of which can be found here.

Can my character set up a shop in Traverse Town? What if they want to work in a cafe or the hotel?

That’s just fine! If you want to take the slice of life route and settle in Traverse Town, that is completely up to you. The NPCs will be more than happy to give you a job.

Are there power limits placed on my character?
Possibly. We won’t limit most powers; however, if your character is a Destroyer of Worlds (ex: Albedo, Laharl, Son Gohan), they will need to be toned down quite a bit. This may also include powerful magic and/or summons. If you’re not sure where your character falls on this spectrum or whether they need to be nerfed, talk with a mod.

Can my character figure out the inner workings of the communicator?
Functionally, probably not. Communicators are a delicate mix of technology and magic that Moogles seem to specialize in; you have to be extremely skilled in both areas, or a Moogle yourself, to figure out the inner workings of the communicator. Even then, the Moogles have a bit of a trade cabal going, and they won’t appreciate you encroaching on their territory.

Can my character hack the communicator?
Short answer: no. Long answer: do you want the Moogle cabal coming after you?

What if my character tries to hack/disassemble the communicator anyway?
If it's just a mild bit of hacking, it will be unsuccessful but it won't damage the communicator. If it's heavy, in-depth hacking, heavy damage, or if they disassemble the communicator entirely, they will not be able to repair it on their own and will need to bring it to a rather irate Moogle for repairs. They will likely wind up paying high prices or trading good items or dream pieces to get a functioning communicator again. (Don't break your toys. The cabal doesn't like it.)

Does my character have any items with them from their own world?
Your character can bring with them any items that they would reasonably be carrying when they fell asleep. If it’s incredibly oversized or overpowered, it may be an exception.

My character has a weapon from their own world that needs ammunition. Can they get it?
Most likely; you’d be surprised what the Moogle cabal sells. Unfortunately, if it’s rare, powerful, or difficult to make or obtain ammunition, it may cost you quite a bit, so use it sparingly. Luckily, you can choose to have Dream Eaters to help protect you.

Can my character get a different weapon?
Your character will be able to buy weaponry basics from Moogles in Traverse Town: swords, knives, staves, bow and arrows, etc. These are all basic weapons with no magical affinities or upgrades. Moogles do not sell guns.

How do I synthesize a Dream Eater?
Obtain the appropriate dream pieces and mod permission, basically. The process is laid out in detail on the Dream Eaters page.
Incidentally, the mod’s favorite Dream Eater is her Pricklemane. So you know.

How many Dream Eaters can my character have?
As many as they can synthesize; however, only two Dream Eaters may be with your character at any given time. The rest just tend to hang out in the ether somewhere.

My character just arrived! What Dream Eaters can they start with?
Your character can start with one of four Dream Eaters: Meow Wow, Komory Bat, Pricklemane, or Hebby Repp.

My character wants a Dream Eater native to a world they're not on! Can they still get it?
Not quite - they have to travel to said world and obtain enough dream pieces on it to synthesize whatever Dream Eater they want. For example, if your character wants a Dream Eater from Twilight Town, they'll need to have dream pieces from Twilight Town and they'll need to physically be in Twilight Town in order to synthesize it.

Can I kill my character?
You may if you really want to; keep in mind, however, that death is permanent. Your character will be unable to return; additionally, nobody will be able to app your character in the future. A dead character is a dead character, full stop. You must also have mod permission to kill your character.