Jan. 26th, 2013

Week Eight

Jan. 26th, 2013 10:55 pm
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Week 08

"You don’t take a photograph. You ask, quietly, to borrow it."
- Author Unknown

The Moogles have noticed not only the interest in Twilight Town itself, but the particular interest in one of its favorite pastimes: Struggle. To that end, they’ve put up signups for a Struggle tournament, along with an explanation of the rules and the promise of a valuable prize for the winner. (Yes, they’ll also be selling popcorn for the spectators. They know their audience.)

Those who keep an eye out may notice something odd appearing around Twilight Town: photographs, left on the ground in odd places as though they’d fallen out of someone’s pocket. The Moogles, if questioned, have no idea who’s taking them or where they came from - you may just have to figure that out on your own.

With the exception of the usual Nightmare appearances, Traverse Town is peaceful. The Moogles have been making plans to repair the broken greenhouse, but no construction has started yet.



We are indeed having a Struggle tournament! If you’d like your character to participate, please comment below before Wednesday to sign up. We’ll put up a log afterwards with the tournament order, and the mods will be determining the winners of each round by dice roll. There will indeed be a surprise - it is, however, a secret until it’s given out.

If you would like your character to find one of the photographs, let the mods know and we’ll tell you what exactly you’ve found, either over some form of contact (AIM, plurk, email, etc) or as a tag in one of your character’s threads if you prefer.


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