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The rules! Read ‘em. Know ‘em. Follow ‘em.

1. Keep the drama IC. When characters have drama, it’s fantastic. When muns have drama, it’s anything but. If you have a problem with another player, please speak to the mods about it. Please do not take it to ACJ or anoncomm; we would much prefer to solve your problems than to hear about them from an anonymous source. In that same vein, please remember that IC=/=OOC; just because a character is not getting along with your character does not mean that mun does not like you.

2. Do not godmod. Godmodding is when you take control of another player’s character, whether it be dictating whether a hit lands in a fight or deciding on their reaction to something your character says or does. You play your character; let the other mun play theirs. The only exception to this is if a player goes on hiatus and gives you express public permission to play their character while they are gone. (A subset of this is infomodding, in which your character has knowledge they could not have obtained ICly; please don’t do that either.)

3. Please post on a regular basis. It’s no fun to be left hanging for weeks on end, so please reply to tags within a few days. If you’re going to be gone or unable to post for an extended period of time, please post on the hiatus post and let us know. The longest you can call a hiatus is two months; please contact a mod if you’re going to be gone longer.

4. Get mod approval for larger plots. If you want to run a special event or a plot that involves a good amount of players, please contact a mod with the proposed scope and duration of the plot and possible in-game ramifications. We also ask that you contact us regarding any plots that may have long-standing or traumatic impact on a character (rape, mutilation, pregnancy, etc) as some of these plots may not be appropriate to the game. We do encourage you to come up with and run your own plots - just be sure to check in with us first.