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Taken Characters and Reserves

Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes
Clint "Hawkeye" Barton | [personal profile] avengingarrow | played by Erica

Soma Cruz | [personal profile] notquitedracula | played by Matt

Doctor Who
The Doctor (4th) | [personal profile] allpurposescarf | played by Sceadu
The Doctor (Metacrisis) | [personal profile] battleborndr | played by Spish

Due South
Constable Benton Fraser, RCMP | [personal profile] lickedthat | played by Kira

Final Fantasy IV
Edge | [personal profile] onehandsomeslickninja | played by Dragon

Emile A-239 (Noble Four) | [personal profile] spaceracist | played by Anarin
Spartan-B312 (Noble Six) | [personal profile] lonenoble | played by Empyreal Dragon

Nepeta Leijon | [personal profile] whoseesbynight | played by Sceadu

Jeeves and Wooster
Bertie Wooster | [personal profile] woosterlyways | played by QV

Kingdom Hearts
Aeleus | [personal profile] earthshatter | played by Sceadu
Aqua | [personal profile] wavesinherheart | played by Sceadu
Even | [personal profile] defrostedpride | played by Cygna
Master Eraqus | [personal profile] hiptobe_eraqus | played by Lynx
Mickey Mouse | [personal profile] since1928 | played by MK
Minnie Mouse | [personal profile] her_mouse_jesty | played by Melissa
Naminé | [personal profile] colorbymemory | played by Kei
Roxas | [personal profile] seasaltkeys | played by Megan
Sora | [personal profile] dork_of_keys | played by Fox
Xion | [personal profile] skysmirror | played by Kei

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Pinkie Pie | [personal profile] sailorlaughter | played by Lu
Princess Celestia | [personal profile] letteropener | played by Dragon
Princess Luna | [personal profile] raisethemoon | played by Lu
Rarity | [personal profile] sailorgenerous | played by Kia

Amaterasu | [personal profile] yabigfurball | played by Lynx

Peace Maker Kurogane
Okita Souji | [personal profile] laughingsword | played by Kira

Persona 4
Kanji Tatsumi | [personal profile] realmenknitplushies | played by Sleepy
Naoto Shirogane | [personal profile] fatemeter | played by Skarme

Red vs Blue
Agent Carolina | [personal profile] guerriera | played by Farli
Agent North Dakota & Theta | [personal profile] brodakota | played by Megan
Agent Washington | [personal profile] unrecovered | played by Kia
Epsilon | [personal profile] fearmylaserface | played by Empyreal Dragon

Blake Belladonna | [personal profile] blakethebeast | played by Niriall

Sailor Moon
Setsuna Meioh | [personal profile] timeywimeyorb | played by Erica

Tron: Legacy
Kevin Flynn | [personal profile] onemoreday | played by Mii
Rinzler | [personal profile] foughtfortheusers | played by Empyreal Dragon


Red vs. Blue
Lavernius Tucker - Reserved by Dani

If you would like to reserve a character, please leave a comment below with the following information:

Reserves are currently OPEN. You may only reserve one character at this time. If you'd like to try out new characters, the voice test and dressing room post is also open - feel free to drop by and mingle!
fuckingaqua: (it's A FUCKING KEY?)

[personal profile] fuckingaqua 2014-07-13 12:31 am (UTC)(link)
Name: Dani
Character: Lavernius Tucker
Canon: Red vs Blue
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[personal profile] tasan 2014-11-09 05:40 pm (UTC)(link)
Name: Tasan
Character: Riku
Canon: Kingdom Hearts