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Your character has fallen asleep somehow. Maybe it was at the end of a long day, maybe they were knocked unconscious, or maybe they don’t remember falling asleep at all; as it is, they’re sleeping, and in their sleep they’ve arrived in the realm of dreams; specifically, they’ve arrived at Traverse Town, an entire world that has fallen asleep. Upon arrival, they meet a friendly moogle, who explains to them a few things: they’re in the realm of dreams, nobody’s quite figured out a way to wake themselves up yet, the people in Traverse Town are friendly so make yourself at home, and the cute little multicolored animals running around will probably try to kill you, so be careful, kupo. The animals in question are Dream Eaters; the good ones, called Spirits, will help you out; the bad ones, called Nightmares, will try to end you.

The Moogle then hands your character a pack with a few necessary items: enough munny for one night in the local hotel, one potion, a wrist communicator, and several brightly colored dream pieces. The communicator will keep you in touch with the other dreamers stranded in this world; the munny is a bit of currency to get you started; the potion will heal minor wounds, but only once; and the dream pieces are enough to create a Dream Eater of your very own, a necessity if you don’t have any powers or weapons skills of your own. The Moogle will be more than happy to guide you through the process, if you like.

What you do next - whether it be making the most of your new life in Traverse Town, focusing on raising your Dream Eater, or going out to try to discover why you’ve fallen asleep and how to wake up - is entirely up to you.