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Week 11

Week 11

“The world’s a puzzle; no need to make sense out of it..”
- Socrates

With the mansion thoroughly explored and Queen Buzzerfly defeated, Twilight Town settles down considerably this week. There are always still garden-variety Nightmares around if you feel the need for a little action. If you were expecting a keyhole to appear immediately following Queen Buzzerfly’s defeat, however, you’re sorely disappointed, as there is currently no keyhole to be found. Maybe you should keep looking? Or maybe now is a good time to compare notes and see if there’s anything new to be found or any connections you may have overlooked.

After all, you’re still having repeating dreams; odds are this peace won’t last terribly long.



Yes, your characters are still having those same repeating dreams, including characters who have just arrived. Also, like it says, the keyhole hasn’t appeared in Twilight Town, though characters are more than welcome to go exploring if they’d like to try to find it.

Barring that, there’s not much to report this week. As always, please remember to tag your posts; if your character does not have tags, let a mod know and we’ll create them for you.