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Week 13

Week 13

“Sleeping is no mean art: for its sake one must stay awake all day.”
- Friedrich Nietzsche

The Mother of Invention remains open and just as dangerous as ever. Despite certain people’s best efforts, whatever is attacking people at random remains at large. Your saving graces are that it avoids the bridge and medical areas and that it stays aboard the Mother of Invention - it hasn’t shown any signs of following you to Traverse Town just yet.

Matters in Traverse Town and Twilight Town remain much the same, though the Moogles have increased their supply of paint guns as a result of recent demand. They’re also keeping a good supply of freshly-popped popcorn on hand, just in case. They are also, however, reluctant to do business with Carolina and anyone seen in contact with her. There might be some work to be done there.



This week is a good opportunity to get caught up with threads and get things squared away. There are no major events this week, barring continuing attacks on the Mother of Invention. Keep in mind that you can indeed opt a character out of being attacked, even if it’s just for a specific instance or thread - just comment here and let the mods know.

We realize that there are Dream Eaters on the Mother of Invention that, in the console game, require Fancies to make. Don’t worry about that here - assume that all characters can make all Dream Eaters available in all worlds with only Figments. The mods will tell you when a specific Dream Eater requires Fancies.

Please remember to tag your posts! If your character does not have a tag, let a mod know and we’ll take care of it.

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