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One of the items the Moogles gave you is a wrist-mounted communicator. It looks rather like a large digital watch; however, it has audio and limited video functions, as well as a holographic keyboard for text posts. The first time your character turns it on, it will run through a basic tutorial explaining its functions and how to use it.

The communicator does have limited privacy settings; you may filter your post to a single person or groups of people. Too many filters or very complicated filters may not entirely succeed, however, so be aware of that.

You may not hack others’ filters. Period. The communicators are a cross between technology and magic that is very specific to Moogle skills, and you need to be an expert in both fields or a moogle yourself in order to hack them. Plus, the Moogle trade cabal does not appreciate anyone attempting to pry into their products. Don’t try it, guys. It won’t end well.

Additionally, the communicator is not capable of anonymous posts or comments.