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Week Sixteen

Week 16

“The tragedy of war is that it uses man’s best to do man’s worst..”
- Henry Fosdick

It’s been a quiet week, which is probably a good thing - you probably needed the time to lick your wounds after the fiasco on the Mother of Invention, if you were there. Even if you weren’t, there’s the matter of the talking items to discuss. Whether you think there’s something there or not, it’s still one of the few things out of what’s quickly become the ordinary around here.

Those who are interested in heading back on to the Mother of Invention may want to be cautious. For all you know, the invisible thing is still there; on top of that, FILSS is still unresponsive, the training room she’d opened is still closed, and “LIFE SUPPORT SYSTEMS: DAMAGED” is still flashing on all computer monitors except for the leaderboards. There’s also that high-pitched mechanical whirring going around the ship with a source you just can’t seem to trace.

And, of course, the recurring dreams. Those are always fun, aren’t they?



There’s not much to announce on the OOC side of things, aside from the usuals. Eagliders can still be synthesized by people who have at least one Fancy; please remember to tag your posts; please let the mods know if your characters don’t have the appropriate tags in either community.

If you want to try to thread with someone new, there is a party going on in the log comm right now. It’s a good opportunity to build some of that CR planned out in last week’s CR meme.

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