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Week Seventeen

Week 17

“Dreams are illustrations...from the book your soul is writing about you.”
- Marsha Norman

Now that the Meta is gone, the attacks on the Mother of Invention have stopped completely, leaving it safe for exploration. Those of you who have headed into the large training room may have noticed that the keyhole in the maintenance bay has disappeared, leaving a portal in its wake. Those that are brave enough to walk through will find themselves on a bridge leading into what looks like a very quaint and colorful small town. Most of the buildings are smaller houses with thatched roofs, though there are some that are ornately designed and decorated. From what you can see, there’s a farm with orchards down on the edge of town, and a dark forest on the opposite side. With the exception of said forest, the entire place gives off a lovely, small-town feel. It’s a great change from the last world you were on.

Oh, and you now have hooves.

Welcome to Ponyville! The magic inherent in the world has decided you need to fit in, so you have been transformed into a pony for the duration of your stay. Have fun exploring! Though you may need to get the hang of walking first.



Believe it or not, we actually had this one planned long before anyone guessed it on Plurk. Surprise!

You’ve unlocked Ponyville, a small town in the land of Equestria, populated namely by ponies. There will, of course, be new Spirits to synthesize and new Nightmares to fight, though those who are bipedal will likely need to relearn how to walk first.

A few things to keep in mind:

- This is a form change world. Unless your character is already from Equestria, they will transform upon entering the world. Rule of thumb is that humans become ponies and that characters of other species will turn into other creatures inherent in the world: diamond dogs, griffons, timberwolves, etc. If you need some ideas about what to turn your character into, ask a mod - we’ll help you come up with suggestions. No, your character cannot circumvent the form change. No, the form change will not carry over into other worlds. There is a ponymaker here that you can use to create your character as a pony. Note: your character may not have both wings and a horn.

- The portals are all interconnected, so you can reach any world from the Ponyville portal. The only Moogle in town is in the town center near the portal. Nightmares will not appear inside buildings. This may have exceptions later; we will let you know if it changes.

- Characters with armor will be wearing pony armor (metal plate protecting the shoulders and haunches and a medieval-style helmet sans visor) when they arrive in Ponyville. Other items that would not similarly fit in in Ponyville are similarly changed - guns become slingshots, etc. If you have a question about whether an item would be changed, please ask a mod.

The information for the new world is on the Worlds page, and the Dream Eater information is on the Dream Eaters page. If you have any additional questions, feel free to ask a mod.

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