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Planning to bring in a character for the Fourth Wall event? Leave us the name(s) and journal(s) of the character(s) involved here! Information on the event itself can be found here, any other questions can be directed to the mods at revenancemods [at] gmail.
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We have the lineup for the Struggle Tournament! The matchups have been determined by dice roll. Feel free to determine the winner of the match with the person you're up against; if you can't decide or word rather leave it to chance, let a mod know and we'll roll for you. The match ups are:

York vs Xion
Emizel vs Asami
Sora vs Shraeger
Roxas vs Kairi
Tidus vs Bolin
Ven vs Aqua

The log for the Struggle tournament will go up soon. Keep an eye out for that.

If you signed up a character to find a picture and have not yet told us how you want to find it (either in a tag or privately, over AIM or Plurk or email), please comment to this post and let us know!

Week Four

Nov. 10th, 2012 09:03 pm
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Week Four

”A dream which is not interpreted is like a letter which is not read.”
- The Talmud

It’s been a busy week for Traverse Town. There’s an established tea shop in the Fourth District, a budding potion shop in the Third District, and Riku and Sora have been kind enough to provide a guide to caring for your Dream Eaters. The Moogles are doing a booming business in street clothes, potion ingredients, and popcorn. All in all, even though the sun still doesn’t rise, Traverse Town still keeps busy during its days.

Its nights, however, are starting to get interesting. It turns out “to sleep perchance to dream” is all too accurate here, and you find yourself having the same dream over and over when you go to sleep at night. You dream of locks and keys, places and people and things that have been locked up in your life, and you find yourself trying to open the locks - or maybe you already have, you’ve figured out a way to open up those locks and you’re trying to recover what’s been locked away. No matter who or where or what you’re dreaming of, the dream eventually resolves to one single image: a golden keyhole, floating alone in the black, and though you know you have to unlock it, you simply cannot reach it, no matter how hard you try. Something is preventing you from getting there; you don’t know what, and you can’t get around it, but it is there and it is in your way.

You wake up before you can ever reach that last keyhole.

But maybe you’re not alone in having that dream. Maybe someone else can help you figure out what it means. It’s worth a shot, isn’t it?



Welcome to Week Four! Yes, everyone is now having dreams. In a dream world. Insert your Inception joke of choice here. There might be something to this one, if your characters can put their heads together and figure it out.

Additionally, we’ll also be having an event mid-week this week. It’ll be combat heavy, so please keep that in mind when signing your characters up. Comment to this post if you’d like to sign up - space is limited, so please only volunteer one character and sign up before Monday if you’d like to participate.


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