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It shouldn’t feel like anything’s different. After all, when you wake up this morning, everything looks the same.

But your Spirits are antsy and anxious, and somehow you can sense the same thing they do: that something is well and truly wrong around here. Something has changed in the realm of dreams, and that feeling in the pit of your stomach says it isn’t anything good.

Those of you with talking items may have more of a clue than anybody else, namely because the items have begun playing the same message when touched, over and over and over:


I'm sorry to bring you here like this, but I really need your help! You're here because I'm trying to find anyone; I just can't hold them off on my own. But with your help, I know I can manage it. Just find him, and fight!

They’re going to keep trying to stop you. Don’t give in!

Not only do you now have the full message, but you also recognize the voice: it’s Sora. Sora has been trying to reach you through these items the entire time. Never mind that Sora’s here with you and is just as clueless as everyone else - that’s definitely his voice coming from the items.

Those of you who decide to check the keyholes just in case will find something very interesting: namely, they’re not there anymore. The portals are still open; the worlds are still connected; it’s just that the keyholes are missing.

The worlds themselves seem to be reacting to the change as well. The lights on the Mother of Invention are dimmed; the nights in Ponyville are growing longer; the sun in Twilight Town has nearly dipped below the horizon entirely; and in Traverse Town, the stars have gone out.

As if that weren’t odd enough, it seems that people whom you’ve missed - people who have come and gone from the realm of dreams - are trickling back in.

Something is brewing. It’s up to you to fix it.

Week 24

Jul. 9th, 2014 10:47 am
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Week 24

“What I take from my nights, I add to my days.”
- Leon de Rotrou, “Vencelas,” translated

With the explosive defeat of Spellican, the portal at the fountain in the Second District shimmers back into view. Looks like the worlds are open again, though they’re not quite the same as you left them. You figure that out the first time you run into Nightmares - this world didn’t have lions before, did it?

There’s still one more Keyhole to find, but Ponyville’s usual residents should have a good idea of where to look.



Back into the swing of things? Why, yes!

The worlds are now all open again in much the same state as they were before the boss run. The main difference is that Twilight Town, the Mother of Invention, and Ponyville now each sport a new Nightmare. They’re bigger and tougher than the other Nightmares on the worlds, so watch out for those. Changes are listed on the Dream Eaters page.

As always, if your characters are missing tags, please let the mods know and we’ll take care of it.

Week 23

May. 12th, 2014 10:20 pm
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Week 23

"Goodbye so soon, and isn’t it a crime? We know by now that time knows how to fly."
- The Great Mouse Detective, "Goodbye So Soon"

Wow, some boss battles, huh? They weren’t easy, but at least nobody died, right? Right.

Unfortunately, you’ve only got about a day or two to relax before Traverse Town gets thrown into complete upheaval again - which is to say, almost everyone who suddenly showed up a week ago just as suddenly disappears. No warning, no explanation, and the few people who did stick around can’t explain how or why.

On top of that, the portal to the other worlds still hasn’t reappeared. That might have something to do with the fact that Spellican is still flying around. That’s about all it’s doing - flying, in the same route, like clockwork. Odd, but at least it’s not attacking people directly.



And that’s the end of the fourth wall event! We’ll still have the comms open for a bit, for the purpose of backtagging boss battle threads and for backdating any wrapup threads you might want to do with fourth wall characters before they wake up.

If you’d like to app a fourth wall participant into the game, you have until May 30th to get your app in with the Get Out Of Samples Free caveat detailed here. After that, you’ll have to write a normal app.

As always, tag your threads and feel free to poke the mods if you have any questions.

Week 22

Mar. 29th, 2014 04:32 pm
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Week 22

“There goes the world off of my shoulders; there goes the world off of my back”
- Lifehouse, “Quasimodo”

Wow, what a fight. Thank goodness for rainbow-powered explosions, right?

Following the end of the battle, things in Ponyville calm down considerably. The most noticeable change is the return of the day/night cycle, with daylight and darkness in equal measures. The statue of Nightmare Moon on the outskirts of town is gone; however, no keyhole appeared in its place. It looks like you have some searching to do if you want to unlock the next world.

The Moogles are still selling Zapapple jam, even if the prices are still exhorbitantly high. They’re also still selling fresh popcorn, for those of you who might need it for one reason or another.

Those of you who keep your eyes on the skies in Traverse Town might notice a shadow cross the sky in the edge of your vision. It’s gone when you try to get a better look, and it’s too fast to chase. Huh. That’s odd.



Revenance is having a fourth wall event! It starts on April 3rd, and more detailed information is available here. Spread the word! Let your friends know! And of course enjoy the hell out of it!

Week 21

Feb. 15th, 2014 09:50 pm
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Week 21

"Friendship isn’t a big thing - it’s a million little things."
- Unknown

Congratulations on finding the Elements of Harmony! What you’ll need them for may not be readily apparent right now, but hey, one step at a time, right?

The Moogles have made a generous offer to buy the entire Zapapple harvest - as it turns out, they have the recipe for Zapapple jam and the process of making it down to a science. In addition to the haul from defeating the Nightmares present at the harvest, each character who participated receives a handsome amount of munny and a Fancy. The Moogles have also offered enough rare dream pieces to create six rare Spirits, one of each (Meowjesty, Kab Kannon, Frootz Cat, Ursa Circus, Sudo Neku, R&R Seal). The harvest participants will have to decide amongst themselves who gets to keep the rare Spirits, as there are obviously not enough to go around.

Several days later, participants also receive one jar of rainbow-striped Zapapple jam apiece. The Moogles also start selling the jam. The jam has the same healing effect as a potion, is a favorite among Spirits, and is incredibly tasty, like eating your favorite comfort food. It’s also prohibitively expensive - supply and demand.

The dreams continue as usual; the day/night cycle, however, is still changing. Nights have gotten longer and days shorter, like they would in the middle of winter, with no temperature changes or other explanation as to why.



There’s not too much to announce OOCly this time around. Feel free to use the comments of this post to hash out who gets the rare Spirits.

Please remember to tag your posts! If you aren’t sure about the tagging system, or if your character doesn’t have tags, please let a mod know and we’ll get it straightened out.

Week 20

Jan. 25th, 2014 03:03 pm
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Week 20

“It is not so much our friends’ help that helps us, as the confidence of their help.”
- Epicurus

Now that the first Element of Harmony has been found, it may be a good idea to keep an eye out for the others. After all, if you know what they are, then you know how to earn them, right? Of course, given that the one Element that’s around tends to disappear when taken outside of Ponyville, you’ll probably have to get used to having four legs if you want to find the rest of the Elements. Hope you’re comfortable spending time as a pony.

At the beginning of the week, a loud, unearthly howling emanates from the Everfree Forest - but only for the day. Those familiar with the world might recognize the howling as that of Timberwolves - which is odd, given that there don’t seem to be any Timberwolves around. On the second day of the week, dark clouds gather over Sweet Apple Acres. Blue lightning dances across a patch of previously barren trees; when it dissipates, the trees have all grown dark purple, almost black, leaves. Obviously there’s something going on there.

The dreams continue, as does the day/night cycle. Those who are paying attention may notice that the nights are growing longer - day and night are essentially equal in length at this point.



Yes, we do have another event gearing up. The thread will go up midweek - keep an eye out for that.

The new bearers of the Elements of Harmony have been chosen! They are:

Magic: Aqua
Loyalty: Kanji
Honesty: Chell
Kindness: Amaterasu

Keep in mind that characters do still need to earn their Elements before they appear. There will be a few opportunities for that coming up, but feel free to make your own as well. If you have any questions, feel free to ask a mod.

Week 19

Jan. 4th, 2014 09:16 pm
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Week 19

“Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.”
- Chinese Proverb

The new week brings a variety of changes, both welcome and unwelcome. Most noticeable is the fact that the Elements of Harmony are still largely unaccounted for, despite everyone’s best efforts. However, the new week also brings something new to Ponyville. For the first time on any of the worlds there is actually a day/night cycle. The first night is short - about as long as the night would normally be on the Summer Solstice - but noticeably increases in length over the course of the week.

In addition, the familiar set of dreams begins once again, this time focusing on the balance between light and dark. As ever, the exact form of the dreams varies from person to person, but it always ends up returning to light and dark, as well as the clashes between the two. Interestingly, Keyholes do not seem to play much of a role in these latest dreams, although keys are, especially for those whose worlds are naturally inclined to connect keys with either light or darkness.

Things remain much the same in the other worlds, at least for the time being.



You know what the mods’ new year’s resolution is? Getting week changes back on point. Now that the holidays are over, hopefully things will get that much easier, at least in that aspect. If you do still need to call hiatus, please remember to use the hiatus post; if you’ve come off hiatus, please let us know.

For those of you new to things, the recurring dreams are unique to each character but follow the common theme outlined above, and each character has them every time they fall asleep. We’ll let you know when they end. If you have any questions, feel free to ask a mod or another player.

As always, please tag your posts accordingly, including the network posts you tag into. If you aren’t sure how to tag your posts, or if your character still needs tags in the comms, please let the mods know and we’ll sort it out.

Happy new year!

Week 18

Nov. 2nd, 2013 11:09 pm
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Week 18

"Dreams are only thoughts you didn’t have time to think about during the day."
- Unknown

How about that Ponyville, huh? Hopefully those of you who usually gallivant around on two legs have gotten used to walking on four. (And hopefully those of you who usually walk on four haven’t laughed too hard at those trying to adjust.) You might be spending a good amount of time in Ponyville, as it seems Pinkie Pie has uncovered a mystery: the Elements of Harmony, the most powerful magical objects in Equestria, have gone missing from their box in the library, leaving behind only a note: "To find the missing parts, look inside your hearts." Whatever it means, the Elements are still missing. Now may be a good time to put your heads together and do some investigating.

It still, rather stubbornly, remains perpetual day in Ponyville.



How’s everyone getting accustomed to Ponyville? Good luck finding the Elements - we’ll let you know when you’re on point~

There is a Nightmare Night party going on - it’s a good chance to integrate newer characters into the game and to establish CR that’s been talked about but not really acted on. Of course, it’s also a fantastic opportunity for shenanigans. You know what to do.

Those who hold any of the talking items or those who are interested in just what they are may want to check here for IC planning purposes.

As always, please remember to tag your posts in the log and communicator comms. If you have any questions about anything, contact a mod and we’ll get it sorted out.
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Week 17

“Dreams are illustrations...from the book your soul is writing about you.”
- Marsha Norman

Now that the Meta is gone, the attacks on the Mother of Invention have stopped completely, leaving it safe for exploration. Those of you who have headed into the large training room may have noticed that the keyhole in the maintenance bay has disappeared, leaving a portal in its wake. Those that are brave enough to walk through will find themselves on a bridge leading into what looks like a very quaint and colorful small town. Most of the buildings are smaller houses with thatched roofs, though there are some that are ornately designed and decorated. From what you can see, there’s a farm with orchards down on the edge of town, and a dark forest on the opposite side. With the exception of said forest, the entire place gives off a lovely, small-town feel. It’s a great change from the last world you were on.

Oh, and you now have hooves.

Welcome to Ponyville! The magic inherent in the world has decided you need to fit in, so you have been transformed into a pony for the duration of your stay. Have fun exploring! Though you may need to get the hang of walking first.



Believe it or not, we actually had this one planned long before anyone guessed it on Plurk. Surprise!

You’ve unlocked Ponyville, a small town in the land of Equestria, populated namely by ponies. There will, of course, be new Spirits to synthesize and new Nightmares to fight, though those who are bipedal will likely need to relearn how to walk first.

A few things to keep in mind:

- This is a form change world. Unless your character is already from Equestria, they will transform upon entering the world. Rule of thumb is that humans become ponies and that characters of other species will turn into other creatures inherent in the world: diamond dogs, griffons, timberwolves, etc. If you need some ideas about what to turn your character into, ask a mod - we’ll help you come up with suggestions. No, your character cannot circumvent the form change. No, the form change will not carry over into other worlds. There is a ponymaker here that you can use to create your character as a pony. Note: your character may not have both wings and a horn.

- The portals are all interconnected, so you can reach any world from the Ponyville portal. The only Moogle in town is in the town center near the portal. Nightmares will not appear inside buildings. This may have exceptions later; we will let you know if it changes.

- Characters with armor will be wearing pony armor (metal plate protecting the shoulders and haunches and a medieval-style helmet sans visor) when they arrive in Ponyville. Other items that would not similarly fit in in Ponyville are similarly changed - guns become slingshots, etc. If you have a question about whether an item would be changed, please ask a mod.

The information for the new world is on the Worlds page, and the Dream Eater information is on the Dream Eaters page. If you have any additional questions, feel free to ask a mod.
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Week 16

“The tragedy of war is that it uses man’s best to do man’s worst..”
- Henry Fosdick

It’s been a quiet week, which is probably a good thing - you probably needed the time to lick your wounds after the fiasco on the Mother of Invention, if you were there. Even if you weren’t, there’s the matter of the talking items to discuss. Whether you think there’s something there or not, it’s still one of the few things out of what’s quickly become the ordinary around here.

Those who are interested in heading back on to the Mother of Invention may want to be cautious. For all you know, the invisible thing is still there; on top of that, FILSS is still unresponsive, the training room she’d opened is still closed, and “LIFE SUPPORT SYSTEMS: DAMAGED” is still flashing on all computer monitors except for the leaderboards. There’s also that high-pitched mechanical whirring going around the ship with a source you just can’t seem to trace.

And, of course, the recurring dreams. Those are always fun, aren’t they?



There’s not much to announce on the OOC side of things, aside from the usuals. Eagliders can still be synthesized by people who have at least one Fancy; please remember to tag your posts; please let the mods know if your characters don’t have the appropriate tags in either community.

If you want to try to thread with someone new, there is a party going on in the log comm right now. It’s a good opportunity to build some of that CR planned out in last week’s CR meme.

Week 15

Aug. 10th, 2013 04:58 pm
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Week 15

“In war, truth is the first casualty.”
- Aeschylus

Well. That probably didn’t turn out as well as you’d hoped, did it. Whether you were on the Mother of Invention yourself following FILSS’ call for aid or simply heard from someone who had, the result remains the same: FILSS is nonresponsive and the computers on the Mother of Invention remain as uninformative and unhackable as always. One step forward, one step back, it seems.

Well, except for the results of that battle. You might want to discuss that.

In the meantime, there is no respite from the dreams. Whatever you think you need to do to catch a break probably hasn’t been done yet. It may be a good time to rest, regroup, and try to figure out your next move.

On the upside, the Moogles have a new Spirit for you to synthesize. On the downside, the pieces for said Spirit are considerably more difficult to obtain.



Yep, the dreams are still going on. You guys know the drill on that one; if not, see the above linked post for this round’s dream theme.

We will be having an activity check soon - keep an eye out for that.

I know we say this every time, but please remember to put your character and world tags on your posts in both the log and communicator comms. It makes it much easier to keep track of things. If your character doesn’t have a tag yet, let a mod know and we’ll get that created for you.

The Moogles now have Eagliders available for synthesis! However, they do require Fancies to make, so at the moment only certain characters may be able to make them. Your character has a Fancy if they participated in either boss battle, the Post Office event, the Mansion event, and/or the current Mother of Invention event - one Fancy per event. Eagliders require one Fancy to make, as well as other Figments. If you request an Eaglider, be sure to tell us where your character obtained the Fancy they’re using to create it.

Week 14

Jun. 29th, 2013 11:31 pm
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Week 14

“War does not determine who is right - only who is left..”

- Bertrand Russell

Wasn’t that a great party? You had a chance to catch up with friends and make new ones, and you may have even won a special prize from the Moogle’s goldfish game. Good day, right?

Too bad it ends in dreams. This time, you find yourself immersed in dreams of conflict and strife - the war you fought in, the enemy you faced, the relationship that ended in tears and fury, all laid bare in your dreams for you to see and fight through and relive. Midway through the conflict, a Keyhole begins to shine in the distance, and you can feel that familiar urge to unlock it. Maybe you need to fight through your enemies, or team up with them, or make peace - either way, you need to make your way to the keyhole before you-

Abruptly wake up before you can unlock it.

At least the Moogles are being nice this week.



Yep, the dreams are back. Bet you guys were just waiting for those, huh. As before, the dreams are recurring, happen nightly, and will continue until we let you know they’ve stopped.

We encourage you to keep tagging in the party log - “fashionably late” is definitely an excuse for any party, and it’s a good way to build CR between characters.

The situation on the MoI continues much the same as last week. Remember that you can opt a character or thread out of being attacked - just comment here to let the mods know.

Please remember to tag your posts. This includes the posts you make and the posts you tag into. At this point, every character should have tags. If your character does not, let a mod know and we’ll take care of that for you.

Week 13

Jun. 8th, 2013 06:49 pm
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Week 13

“Sleeping is no mean art: for its sake one must stay awake all day.”
- Friedrich Nietzsche

The Mother of Invention remains open and just as dangerous as ever. Despite certain people’s best efforts, whatever is attacking people at random remains at large. Your saving graces are that it avoids the bridge and medical areas and that it stays aboard the Mother of Invention - it hasn’t shown any signs of following you to Traverse Town just yet.

Matters in Traverse Town and Twilight Town remain much the same, though the Moogles have increased their supply of paint guns as a result of recent demand. They’re also keeping a good supply of freshly-popped popcorn on hand, just in case. They are also, however, reluctant to do business with Carolina and anyone seen in contact with her. There might be some work to be done there.



This week is a good opportunity to get caught up with threads and get things squared away. There are no major events this week, barring continuing attacks on the Mother of Invention. Keep in mind that you can indeed opt a character out of being attacked, even if it’s just for a specific instance or thread - just comment here and let the mods know.

We realize that there are Dream Eaters on the Mother of Invention that, in the console game, require Fancies to make. Don’t worry about that here - assume that all characters can make all Dream Eaters available in all worlds with only Figments. The mods will tell you when a specific Dream Eater requires Fancies.

Please remember to tag your posts! If your character does not have a tag, let a mod know and we’ll take care of it.
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Week 12

“The problem in defense is how far you can go without destroying from within what you are trying to defend from without.”
- Dwight D. Eisenhower

Anyone on Sunset Hill this week may notice the keyhole in the statue is gone; in its place is a portal, much the same as the one connecting Traverse Town and Twilight Town. Those who step through will find themselves on a metal walkway with nothing but a pane of reinforced glass between them and the stars. Further inspection reveals that this is the bridge of a very large spaceship, and while you won’t be able to get much information from the command screens nearby, their upper right corners will all display the ship’s name: the Mother of Invention.

This world is different than the others you’ve explored; it’s not quite as large, and much more enclosed. There’s a mass of hallways that lead to barracks, locker rooms, weapons lockers, medical facilities, a mess hall, a hangar (though none of the smaller ships will start and the outer hangar doors will not open), the bridge, and what you can only surmise is a large training and simulation room. In nearly every room, a leaderboard is displayed with a few names you may recognize. The ship’s computer systems are running at minimal functions, namely life support; no login is available and no additional information can be found. Whatever AI should be running the ship is either unresponsive or simply gone; it is impossible to determine which.

And you just can’t shake the feeling that you’re being watched...



Yeah, so we’re not exactly sticking to KH-only worlds. Surprise!

You’ve unlocked the Mother of Invention, a Charon-class light UNSC Frigate and the mobile headquarters of Project Freelancer. There are, of course, new Nightmares to fight and therefore new Spirits to synthesize, and of course a new world to explore. A few things to keep in mind:

- Your characters may go back and forth between the three worlds at any time. The portals are all interconnected. The portal for the Mother of Invention is on the bridge, as is the only Moogle on the ship. The bridge and medical facilities are the only areas of the ship in which Nightmares will not appear; every other area is fair game.

- If your character is looking to acquire a gun or munitions, this is the place to do it. There are pistols, battle rifles, and even a few sniper rifles in the weapons locker, as well as ammunition for each. There is a limited amount, however; once it’s gone, it’s gone, and you’re back to buying bullets from the Moogles.

- No, you can’t hack the computers. No, seriously, we don’t care how good you are, you can’t. There is literally nothing for you to get into. Nice try.

- There is an additional game mechanic in place in this world that the mods will be taking care of from the back end. If you are extremely worried about it, you may opt out - just let a mod know in a comment to this post. It will only affect characters who are on the Mother of Invention.

The information for the new world is on the Worlds page, and the Dream Eater information is on the Dream Eaters page. If you have any additional questions, feel free to ask a mod.

Week 11

Apr. 27th, 2013 07:20 pm
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Week 11

“The world’s a puzzle; no need to make sense out of it..”
- Socrates

With the mansion thoroughly explored and Queen Buzzerfly defeated, Twilight Town settles down considerably this week. There are always still garden-variety Nightmares around if you feel the need for a little action. If you were expecting a keyhole to appear immediately following Queen Buzzerfly’s defeat, however, you’re sorely disappointed, as there is currently no keyhole to be found. Maybe you should keep looking? Or maybe now is a good time to compare notes and see if there’s anything new to be found or any connections you may have overlooked.

After all, you’re still having repeating dreams; odds are this peace won’t last terribly long.



Yes, your characters are still having those same repeating dreams, including characters who have just arrived. Also, like it says, the keyhole hasn’t appeared in Twilight Town, though characters are more than welcome to go exploring if they’d like to try to find it.

Barring that, there’s not much to report this week. As always, please remember to tag your posts; if your character does not have tags, let a mod know and we’ll create them for you.

Week Ten

Mar. 9th, 2013 08:13 pm
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Week 10

“Our whole life is solving puzzles.”
- Erno Rubik

You've probably been enjoying those nights of relatively uninterrupted sleep, right? Unfortunately, those come to a very swift end with the advent of yet another recurring dream. This time, you dream of brokenness, of things in your life that have fractured and split into pieces. Maybe it was a relationship, a treasured item, or even your own mind or heart - any which way, your dreams are filled with broken things, at least to begin. Thankfully, the dream eventually shifts into repair and recovery. Whether it’s with friends, family, or a stranger, eventually you get enough help to fix whatever had broken - or you get close, at least, before the dream shifts yet again to show you another golden keyhole, this one in pieces. No matter what you do, you just can’t seem to put it back together before you wake up.

As if that weren't enough, a few observant people may have noticed a rather large crack in the wall appearing seemingly overnight in the Tram Commons. If you’re brave enough to go through it, you’ll find a Nightmare-infested wooded area on the other side with a run-down gated mansion at its end. Maybe you should go see if the door is open...



Yep, the repeating dreams are back. It doesn't matter which world your character is sleeping in - they’re still going to have these dreams. The question now is whether there’s anything more to them than what they seem.

On top of that, the Twilight Town mansion has indeed appeared and is open for exploring. If you have a character that’s not extremely combat-oriented and wants to get involved, this might be a good place. Those of you who do prefer a fight...keep an eye out.

As always, please remember to tag your posts with your character’s tag. If your character doesn't have a tag yet, let a mod know and we’ll create one.

Week Eight

Jan. 26th, 2013 10:55 pm
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Week 08

"You don’t take a photograph. You ask, quietly, to borrow it."
- Author Unknown

The Moogles have noticed not only the interest in Twilight Town itself, but the particular interest in one of its favorite pastimes: Struggle. To that end, they’ve put up signups for a Struggle tournament, along with an explanation of the rules and the promise of a valuable prize for the winner. (Yes, they’ll also be selling popcorn for the spectators. They know their audience.)

Those who keep an eye out may notice something odd appearing around Twilight Town: photographs, left on the ground in odd places as though they’d fallen out of someone’s pocket. The Moogles, if questioned, have no idea who’s taking them or where they came from - you may just have to figure that out on your own.

With the exception of the usual Nightmare appearances, Traverse Town is peaceful. The Moogles have been making plans to repair the broken greenhouse, but no construction has started yet.



We are indeed having a Struggle tournament! If you’d like your character to participate, please comment below before Wednesday to sign up. We’ll put up a log afterwards with the tournament order, and the mods will be determining the winners of each round by dice roll. There will indeed be a surprise - it is, however, a secret until it’s given out.

If you would like your character to find one of the photographs, let the mods know and we’ll tell you what exactly you’ve found, either over some form of contact (AIM, plurk, email, etc) or as a tag in one of your character’s threads if you prefer.

Week Seven

Jan. 5th, 2013 03:30 pm
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Week 07

“There’s a long, long trail a-winding into the land of my dreams.”
- Stoddard King, Jr.

When the Keyhole opens, it disappears and a faintly glowing doorway appears in its place. Those brave enough to go through it will find themselves in front of a train station, overlooking a sprawling town at sunset. That’s right: you’ve just opened the door to Twilight Town.

You can travel back and forth between the two with ease if you like. Feel free to explore the new world at your fingertips; just beware of the Nightmares you find there. They’re like nothing you’ve seen in Traverse Town. And who knows - maybe this is the place finally holding the answers on how to wake up and get home.



That’s right, you’ve unlocked Twilight Town! There are new places to explore, new Nightmares to fight, and new experiences to be had. (Hell, you can even earn money delivering mail to pigeons if you really want to.) The information for the new world is on the Worlds page, and the Dream Eater information is on the Dream Eaters page.

A few things to keep in mind about the new world:

- Your characters may go back and forth between worlds at any time. If they want to explore Twilight Town by day and head back to Traverse Town to sleep in the hotel at night, that’s perfectly fine. There are, however, places to stay and eat in Twilight Town as well; you’ll likely find them on Market Street and the Tram Commons.

- Communicators do not work between worlds. If you post something while in Twilight Town, those located in Traverse Town cannot see that. The Moogles will warn you of this if you ask.

- Characters familiar with Twilight Town may notice that the woods are missing. The break in the wall that usually opens up to them is gone.

If you have any questions about Twilight Town, feel free to ask a mod.

Also, we have our first Activity Check up. Remember to reply to that before the deadline!

Week Six

Dec. 8th, 2012 08:53 pm
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Week Six

”We need nightmares to keep ourselves entertained, and fend off the contentment that we all fear and abhor so much.” - Louis de Bernieres

The calm continues through this week much the same as it did through the last, though there are a few subtle changes. There’s no new Dream Eater recipe from the Moogles, though you are still welcome to add to your group of companions if you so choose.

Unfortunately, the key card obtained at the post office still refuses to provide any answers beyond that vague faraway murmur that only the card’s holder can hear. The dreams, too, stay consistent, though the urge to unlock the keyhole grows stronger every night the keyhole appears in your dreams. However, it still remains frustratingly out of reach.

Answers must be found eventually, right?



Given the general response to last week’s poll and the upcoming holiday season, we are changing the game speed to three OOC weeks = one IC week. We’ll give this a try for a while and see if it needs to be adjusted.

When you create or tag into posts, please remember to add your character’s tag. If your character doesn’t have a tag in the comms, please let the mods know and we’ll create one for you.

If you’d like to participate in Secret Santas, signups are still open.

Week Five

Nov. 24th, 2012 09:07 pm
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Week Five

"One can write, think, and pray exclusively of others; dreams are all egocentric."
- Evelyn Waugh

This week has calmed down considerably compared with last week’s incident at the post office. It’s certainly given the town something to talk about, though; even the Moogles have their own opinions to offer on the matter, if you ask them. The lingering problem is, the incident has left far more questions than it answered. Maybe if you put your heads together you can figure them out.

On top of it, you’re still dreaming about locks and keys and keyholes, the same dream every night.

If you do stop and talk to the Moogles, they’ll tell you they’ve got a new Dream Eater recipe they’d love to try out. How would you like to have one of those bears on your side?



You read that correctly - Kooma Pandas are now available for characters to get from Moogles. The information for Kooma Pandas is now available on the Dream Eaters page.

If you’re signed up for the post office mission but have not yet tagged in, there’s still time to do so. If you want your character to join a team or a subthread, feel free to use the comments space of this post to plan things out. We do encourage everyone to see that thread through to its conclusion; everything happens for a reason, after all.

Additionally, we’ve noticed something we’d like to discuss. Given the speed of the game and the interest in backtagging, we’re starting to think that 2 weeks OOC = 1 week IC might be too quick of a pace for the game. We want everyone to have enough time to finish threads without feeling rushed. To that end, we’re thinking about changing the week ratio to 3 weeks OOC = 1 week IC. Please let us know what you think in the comments below - if you’d like to change, stay at the same pace we are now, or do something different entirely.


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