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Week 21

Week 21

"Friendship isn’t a big thing - it’s a million little things."
- Unknown

Congratulations on finding the Elements of Harmony! What you’ll need them for may not be readily apparent right now, but hey, one step at a time, right?

The Moogles have made a generous offer to buy the entire Zapapple harvest - as it turns out, they have the recipe for Zapapple jam and the process of making it down to a science. In addition to the haul from defeating the Nightmares present at the harvest, each character who participated receives a handsome amount of munny and a Fancy. The Moogles have also offered enough rare dream pieces to create six rare Spirits, one of each (Meowjesty, Kab Kannon, Frootz Cat, Ursa Circus, Sudo Neku, R&R Seal). The harvest participants will have to decide amongst themselves who gets to keep the rare Spirits, as there are obviously not enough to go around.

Several days later, participants also receive one jar of rainbow-striped Zapapple jam apiece. The Moogles also start selling the jam. The jam has the same healing effect as a potion, is a favorite among Spirits, and is incredibly tasty, like eating your favorite comfort food. It’s also prohibitively expensive - supply and demand.

The dreams continue as usual; the day/night cycle, however, is still changing. Nights have gotten longer and days shorter, like they would in the middle of winter, with no temperature changes or other explanation as to why.



There’s not too much to announce OOCly this time around. Feel free to use the comments of this post to hash out who gets the rare Spirits.

Please remember to tag your posts! If you aren’t sure about the tagging system, or if your character doesn’t have tags, please let a mod know and we’ll get it straightened out.

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