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Read all the info? Want to apply? Well, you’re definitely in the right place! Fill out the application below and email it to revenancemods[at]gmail[dot]com, with the subject line [APPLICATION: CHARACTER NAME]. Paste the application into the body of the email; we will not accept applications as attachments, as comments to this post, or as any other format.

You must have read the rules and FAQ in their entirety before applying. To that end, we’ve included a question at the end of the application; if you’ve read the rules and FAQ, you’ll know the answer.

It may take up to a week for us to get back to you on an application, possibly longer if we’re inundated. We process applications in the order in which they were received. If you don’t hear back from us in about a week, feel free to poke one of the mods; however, before then, please be patient.

The total number of characters you can play is four; you may play only two from the same canon, and only one keybearer.

We do allow application challenges. If a character you want to app is reserved by someone else, you may still send in an application; we will wait for the mun reserving the character to send in their application before we judge, and we will accept the application that we believes best reflects a solid understanding of the character in question.

Applications are currently OPEN.

After your character has been accepted, please post your application minus the samples into the profile of their journal.