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Week Change is postponed on account of boss battles.

Speaking of which, you may want to check those threads. Just saying.
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There's a loud, furious squawking from the skies of the second district. The shadow that's been shooting across the sky pauses in midair, then plummets suddenly to the ground, stopping in front of the fountains. After a moment, it resolves itself into something brightly colored and winged, carrying a staff and wearing what looks to be a book and a sorcerer's hat on its head. Those of you who've taken a good look at Sora and Riku's Dream Eater guide may recognize it as Spellican.

It waves its staff and screeches angrily. After looking around and making sure it's got everyone's attention, it raises it staff. Evidently all it wanted was an audience.

A pool of darkness forms on the ground below it. Those who have been in the dream world for a while may not have recognized Spellican, but the four large shadows rising from the darkness certainly look familiar: Hockomonkey, Queen Buzzerfly, the Meta, and Nightmare Moon. The four large Nightmares pause for a moment, then scatter quick as blinking. In that moment, the pool of darkness and Spellican disappear too, their work done for now.

Four large and powerful Nightmares are now loose in Traverse Town.

Good luck.



Did you really think you'd be getting through this event without a boss fight? I sure hope not, because now you have four.

Here's how this will work:

- For the new players: boss fights play out like small D&D campaigns, in which characters' successes and failures are determined by mod dice roll. For examples of what we mean and to do some reading on what you're about to face, check the boss fight tag.

- There will be one boss near the doors in the First District, one in the Third District, one in the Fountain Plaza in the Fourth District, and one in the greenhouse in the Fifth District. No telling which one will be where~

- There will be several hours IC time for characters to react to Spellican's spell and try to plan, or at least batten down the hatches, before the bosses resurface. Actual boss logs will go up tonight or tomorrow. You may only have one character per boss fight, and one character cannot be in multiple boss fights, since they'll be happening concurrently.

- There is no character cap and no tag order on boss threads; however, we do ask that you tag at least once per round per day in a boss thread. The boss will tag every day; each boss tag will start a new round.

- If your character is injured or just doesn't want to be there, they will be able to leave the area of the boss fight. They will not be able to participate in any other boss fights, and they will not be able to rejoin the fight. Once you're out, you're out.

- Because of the way boss fights are structured, it is entirely possible for a boss to win. If characters make poor tactical decisions, or if too many people leave a boss area, or if the majority of characters in the boss fight simply stop tagging, the boss will win that fight. At that point, the still-living boss will go join one of its fellow bosses in its fight. Basically, you're encouraged to participate and you're allowed to pull your character from a fight, but leaving once you've started will have consequences for the people you leave behind.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment here or ask a mod. Have fun, guys!
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It’s been a few days since the portals disappeared - a few days since you, the new people, arrived. Have you settled in? Found a place to sleep, as though you weren’t dreaming enough already? Gotten used to the little technicolor creature that seems to think you’re its best friend or possibly its parent? Yeah, it’s weird, but there’s no telling how long you’ll stick around. May as well get used to it.

And how are all you old hands holding up? Hopefully you didn’t leave anything you really wanted in another world. Seen anybody you miss? How about somebody you never wanted to see again? That was probably a ton of fun either way, wasn’t it.

How about that strange shadow flitting around in the sky? By this point, just about everyone has seen it at least once; unfortunately, nobody’s figured out what it is, nevermind caught up to it. Odd, huh.



So, is everybody having fun? :D

You’re still welcome to bring new characters in if you’d like - people are still tagging the initial post. Also, fourth wall characters are more than welcome to start their own network posts or logs and to tag around in them. There’s also an open investigation thread going on, for those of you who want to tag in.

Also! For those of you who’d like to keep your character in game after the fourth wall event is over, we’ve simplified the app for you! If you want to fill out an app for a character participating in the fourth wall, you don’t have to do samples for the app - just link a thread in which your character has at least five comments for us to look over. (Network thread for the network sample, log thread for the log sample.)

Questions? Comments? Let us know!
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You wake up in Traverse Town.

For some of you, this is old hat by now. For the rest of you - those who were in another world last night, or haven’t been in the realm of dreams at all before - this is exceedingly odd.

It doesn’t take long to find the cause of the oddity, or at least another symptom of it: the portal in the fountain is missing. You are effectively stuck in Traverse Town, with a sudden and unexpected influx of new people.

Aside from that - and that’s a very big aside, but nonetheless - business continues as normal. It might be a good idea to help the gaggle of newbies find their feet in the new world, and maybe investigate just what’s going on.



The fourth wall event has begun! Here’s a few things to keep in mind:

If you’re playing a temporary/fourth wall character, please use the tag “! fourth wall” in both the log and communicator comms. If your character already has a tag, you’re welcome to use it; however, we will not be creating new tags for fourth wall characters.

Fourth wall characters do not need to join the comms - we currently have open posting.

Please make sure all characters follow the game’s rules available on the FAQ (no AUs, no doubles, no memories from other games, etc).

If you have any questions, feel free to contact a mod. If you’d like to introduce yourself, go ahead and comment to this post - I know we’ve got some new people signed up for this event, and we’d love to hear from you!

Have fun!

EDIT: Given that Plurk is misbehaving today, this seems like a good time to mention that the game does have an AIM chat at "weirdestdreamsever."
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Planning to bring in a character for the Fourth Wall event? Leave us the name(s) and journal(s) of the character(s) involved here! Information on the event itself can be found here, any other questions can be directed to the mods at revenancemods [at] gmail.
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What’s this all about?

It’s exactly what it says on the tin - Revenance is opening its doors and allowing for (mostly) open posting. Characters can temporarily join the game without having to app in first. Rumor has it the mods might pull something special during the event as well.

When does it start?

April 3rd!

Sounds fun! How do I participate?

Leave a comment here with the character(s) you plan to bring in and their journal(s). On April 3rd, there will be an open log post, and you can go from there!

Can I bring in any character?

Not quite. Characters brought in have to follow the game’s rules - no AUs, no doubles, sized down if they’re massive, etc. The specifications are available on the FAQ page and the Reserve and App page.

Wait, why?

Because the fourth wall event will have plot ramifications for the game itself.


Yep! It’s all part of the plan~

I have a question that isn’t answered in this information post or in the game’s information!

Email the mods at revenancemods [at] gmail. We’ll sort it out for you.


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